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M&AD sticks to Achouffe

April 5, 2018


World famous in Belgium, that’s what we would like to call ‘Achouffe’. Although you may see little gnomes as the major characters representing the beer, it sure isn’t for the small guys among us. Achouffe is named after a small town in the french part of Belgium (the ‘Ardennes’) and offers you a collection of fantastic tastes that easily could catch up with other world class beers.


For a promotional campaign we designed a set of six magnets, representing the different flavors. Maybe La Chouffe and Mc Chouffe are mostly renowned by the consumer, we als highlighted the Houblon, the Cherry, the Soleil and the N’Ice with magnets. The collectables are designed as a crown cap. Now, let’s open a bottle and drink to our future projects!





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